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  • Aaron Saari

    Aaron Saari

    Virtual CMO, Futurist, Remote Work Evangelist, West Point graduate and former Army officer. Helping companies grow at www.thisisgrowth.com

  • Koko Rodriguez Benjamin

    Koko Rodriguez Benjamin

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell

  • Jess Peer

    Jess Peer

    Singer | Storyteller | Columbus jesspeercreative.weebly.com

  • Tristan Flannery

    Tristan Flannery

    Co-Founder at Zero Hour Media. Veteran. Student. Contributor at “Military Transition” and “Mind 4 Survival” podcast.

  • James Schmeling

    James Schmeling

    EVP Strategic Engagement @studentvets, JD, intrapreneur, AF vet, founder/CEO @VTRNgroup, co-founded @IVMFSyracuseU & @BBISyracuse, co-built @CoalitionVetBiz

  • Lee Constantine

    Lee Constantine

  • Heather Real

    Heather Real

    UX Designer | Change Manager | Blogger | Army Vet

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